Sneaker Outsoles - the 1990's

adidas Country Ripple:

Sole of adidas Country Ripple shoe showing off adidas Trefoil logoThe adidas Country Ripple shoe features a clear rubber bottom with an embedded Trefoil logo.

ASICS Counter:

Sole of ASICS Counter wrestling shoeThe ASICS Counter wrestling shoe shows off its textured sole design, similar to many other wrestling shoes.

Converse All Star 2000:

Converse All Star 2000 shoe sole patternConverse may have jumped the gun bringing out the All Star 2000 in 1996, but it brings the classic "Chuck Taylor" patch to a new location. (However, the "shoe size stamped on the bottom of the shoe" went away in the process.)

Converse Helium:

Sole of Converse Helium:01 sneakerThe first Converse design with helium cushioning, the Converse He:01 basketball shoe, has a sole with nubs.

Converse Premium All Star:

Converse Premium All Star shoe sole patternConverse updated the traditional "Stripe-Star-Stripe" version of the suede All Star of the early 1970's with the Premium All Star. They also made some updates to the outsole. (No more "shoe size stamped on the bottom of the shoe" here, either.)

FILA Grant Hill 2:

Sole design of FILA Grant Hill 2 basketball shoeWith that dramatic, multicolored "F", nobody would mistake the outsole of the FILA Grant Hill 2 basketball shoe with a Nike product!

FILA FX-100 (Clear "ice rubber"):

Ice rubber sole of the FILA FX-100 high-top sneakerThe clear ice rubber outsole of the FILA FX-100 sneaker, however, doesn't provide such a dramatic display.

JORDAN Brand motifs:

Nike Air Jordan 11 basketball shoe soleNike Air Jordan 13 basketball shoe soleThere isn't a Nike logo on the outsole of either the Air Jordan 11 or the Air Jordan 13 (or anywhere on either shoe). However, they both feature the JUMPMAN logo.

New Balance Examples - 620 and 650:

New Balance 620 running shoe soleNew Balance 650 cross-trainer soleNew Balance Athletic Shoe may not be as large as Nike, but they have also mastered the art of encoding the manufacturer's name or logo in the sneaker outsole pattern.

Nike Air 2010 Plus:

Nike Air 2010 aerobic shoe sole Nike does not limit the outsole information to their basketball shoes; they also make certain that their name is legible on their aerobic shoes!

Nike Air Deschütz sport sandals:

Nike Air Deschütz sport sandal outsole (1995 model)Nike Air Deschütz PR2 sport sandal outsoleWhat are those colorful blobs floating down the river? They're Nike Air Deschütz sport sandals! (Maybe somebody coming feet first...)

Nike Air Digs:

Sole of Nike Air Digs III volleyball shoeThe Nike Air Digs volleyball shoe doesn't have a Nike logo, but the outside edge does remind the user of Nike "AIR."

Nike Air Max Rampant:

Sole of Nike Air Rampant women's aerobic shoeThis is the sole of the Nike Air Max Rampant womens' aerobic shoe.

Nike basketball shoe motifs:

Nike Air Darwin basketball shoe sole patternNike Air Strong basketball shoe sole patternNike Air Super CB basketball shoe sole patternThese examples from the Nike lineup (Air Darwin, Air Strong, and Air Super CB) add additional graphic information to the traditional herringbone outsole pattern:

  1. There is to be no doubt that these are basketball shoes.
  2. There is to be no doubt about the manufacturer.
  3. There is to be no doubt that the wearer should Just Do It.

Reebok Club C:

Sole of Reebok Club C tennis sneakerThis is the sole of the Reebok Club C tennis shoe.

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