Air Jordan - the Era of the Flaunted AIR

Air Jordan shoes, true to their name, have always featured one or more types of Nike AIR cushioning. However, unlike the Nike training shoe line, the Air Jordan shoes generally do not show off their Nike AIR cushioning. Only the Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4, and Air Jordan 6 have had visible Nike AIR.

Air Jordan 3:

Air Jordan 3 basketball shoe, black with gray trim and artificial iguana skinThis is the first model of Air Jordan that made the Nike AIR visible (as well as the first with the JUMPMAN logo). Originals were made in 1987 and hit the market in early 1988. The original price was $100. Reissues were made in 1994 and 2001.

The sides also included decorative artificial iguana skin.

Air Jordan 4:

Air Jordan 4 basketball shoe, black with gray trimThe Michael Jordan "JUMPMAN" logo is on the tongue (not easy to see in this picture). Both the Air Jordan 3 and the Air Jordan 4 have a tendency for the midsole to crack around the AIR hole.

The original Air Jordan 4 was made in 1988 and hit the market in early 1989. They originally sold for $100. This shoe was reissued in June 1999, but dealers went through their limited supply almost instantly. One of my readers pointed out that the reissue replaced certain components that were plastic in the original with leather.

Air Jordan 6:

Air Jordan 6 basketball shoe, black with red and gray trimThe original Air Jordan 6 was made in late 1990 and sold in 1991 for $125. Reissues were made in August 2000.

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Last Updated: 24 February 2017

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