Gadgets I wish they would have had when I was a kid

They HAD this one...

Orange high-top mushroom cloud sneakers

When I was a kid, several nations had THE GADGET... the atomic scientists' nickname for THE BOMB...

What we REALLY needed was THIS one!

ACTIVE ANKLE brand ankle braceDon't recognize THIS gadget? It's the ACTIVE ANKLE brand ankle brace made by Active Ankle Systems. The ACTIVE ANKLE brace is a hinge and pad structure designed to let the ankle go back and forth easily, while strongly resisting side-to-side motion. Like the atomic scientists' GADGET, this one pretty much blows everything else away.

I wish they would have invented it in time for us Baby Boomers. I think we would have gotten through our teenage years with a lot less ankle trouble!

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Last Updated: 20 February 2017

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