Helium Shoes from Converse

Different approaches to gas cushioning...

On first glance, the Converse Helium sounds like a knockoff of Nike AIR

However, Converse Helium is a completely different approach to similar ends. Converse Helium uses a permanently sealed capsule of helium, while Nike AIR uses a capsule that is permeable to gases of low molecular weight.. so Nike AIR actually continues to inflate after manufacture.

The Converse He:01 from the side:

Converse He:01 basketball shoe in white with blue trimHere is the first in the line of Converse shoes with helium cushioning, the Converse He:01 basketball shoe. Flyers and press releases from Converse indicate that the Helium line will soon include cross-training and skate models.

Converse He:01 basketball shoe in black with silver trimConverse has two colorways: black with silver trim (this shoe), and white with blue trim (immediately above).

Inner bootie of the Converse He:01 basketball shoeThe He:01 features an internal, removable "bootie." (The bootie is basically the same between the two colors... therefore, I only pictured it once.) However, the two parts are designed to be worn together. Note the silver helium cushions under the heel.

Converse Helium He:01 in-box information cardThis is the informational card that Converse puts in the shoe box.

The Converse He:01 from the bottom:

Outsole of Converse He:01 basketball shoeBottom of inner bootie of Converse He:01 basketball shoe Note that the Converse design team created a transparent window in the outsole, allowing a view of the helium cushions. In the right hand view (the internal "bootie"), the helium cushions are plainly visible.

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Last Updated: 21 July 2017

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