Old Sneakers - 1934 Keds

Pictures and text are from the 1934 advertising copy.

The world's largest maker of canvas footwear announces two revolutionary improvements in Keds - New Scientific Lasts and New Keds Shockproof Insoles. Here are canvas shoes with entirely new ideals of foot health, of comfort and of fit.

Before the new Keds were presented to the public, they were proved absolutely right by thorough tests of actual wear on every kind and type of foot. That's why America's foremost designers of shoes and shoe-lasts call the new Keds the most perfectly fitting rubber-and-fabric shoes ever built.

Go to any Keds dealer and let him show you what a surprising difference the new Scientific Last makes in fit - and how the Shockproof Insole actually lets the wearer walk on air! And don't miss the other famous Keds features - the Full Breather Top; the Pressure-Applied Sole; the Selected Fabrics, the Special Reinforcements throughout; the Pull-proof eyelets - and the fact that Keds can be washed in a washing machine.

Before you buy any canvas shoe, be certain you understand what a remarkable improvement the new Keds are over the ordinary "sneaker." Ask for Genuine Keds.

When you plan your boy's future the place to begin is right here... (Mother and son in Keds)As conscientiously as that son of yours plans his fun, you can plan his future. For his active hours provide him with shoes that give him every opportunity for normal, healthy foot development... for a pair of poor feet can be a life-long misfortune - a source of physical and mental discomfort that may be a definite handicap to success. See that your boy gets the protection - the comfort - and the all-round foot-health of America's most perfectly fitted canvas shoes, the NEW SCIENTIFICALLY LASTED KEDS.

Cross-section of the 1934 'Keds Shockproof Insole'Air-filled sponge rubber cushions the foot in the new Keds. The Shockproof Innersole puts new spring - new life - in foot action. It adds to endurance by lessening fatigue. It protects feet by absorbing jolts and jars. You actually walk on a layer of live air!

Also, look here for the outsole pattern.

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