1962 P-F Sneakers

I found this ad in a 1962 issue of the Reader's Digest with the title "A message to mothers from B. F. Goodrich and Hood."

Picture of 1962 P-F Flyer sneakersLook at the footprints of any child with good, strong feet and a sturdy way of walking.

The prints are always slightly heavier on the outer edges.

That is how body weight is correctly distributed when you walk easily and naturally. We try to encourage this by building a slender rigid wedge into the heel of each of our P-F® canvas shoes. By gently levering the weight over towards the outside, the little P-F wedge helps take the strain off active foot and leg muscles.

There are many good reasons for buying P-F's. Generous cushioning for foot comfort. Good, solid construction. Sensible "air conditioning." But we think that our helpful P-F wedge is the best reason of all.

Do your children's shoes have it?

Look for the sneakers with the little green P-F patch on the heel. At. B. F. Goodrich and Hood Footwear dealers.

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Last Updated: 20 February 2017

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