Soccer Boots

While the rest of the world calls these "football boots," in the United States, these are known as "soccer boots," "soccer cleats," or "soccer shoes." (Or "tennis shoes" if you aren't paying attention.)

Indoor boots:

Indoor boots have no cleats. Suitable for play on artificial turf or as a general-purpose recreational sneaker.

adidas Samba leather indoor soccer boot: black with white trim and stripesThis is the adidas Samba, a very classic indoor boot.

Artificial turf boots:

These are similar to American football shoes intended for artificial turf, but intended for soccer. They have many small cleat-like projections.

adidas Spectral Turf artificial turf soccer boot: black with white and gray stripes and trimeThis is the adidas Spectral Turf boot.

Nike Tiempo 750 TR soccer boot, black with white SWOOSHThis is the Nike Tiempo 750 TR boot. Compare to the Tiempo 750 below.

Molded boots:

These have cleats that are integral with the bottom plate.

adidas Beckenbauer #5 soccer boot, black with white stripes and trimThis is the adidas Beckenbauer #5 boot.

adidas Laser soccer boot, black with gray and white stripesThis is the adidas Laser boot. Note the extra cleats compared to the Nike Tiempo 750 below. The individual who sent me both these pictures commented the Laser was much less likely to sag and wobble on hard ground.

Nike Tiempo 750 soccer boot, black with red and white SWOOSH and red trimThis is the Nike Tiempo 750 boot.

Removable-cleat boots:

These have cleats that screw into the bottom plate. They have the advantage that cleats may be designed in multiple sizes, optimizing traction on a given field surface; also, cleats may be replaced if excessively worn. Has the disadvantage of extra weight and complexity.

But... Soccer sandals?

They aren't for the playing of soccer; they're for wear before and after playing soccer where boots would be inappropriate or difficult. Some cleats are difficult to wear on non-turf surfaces.

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Last Updated: 19 February 2017

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