Sneaker Outsoles - the 1980's

adidas Samoa:

Outsole of adidas Samoa sneakerThe outsole of the adidas Samoa sneaker is interesting because the lugs are all in the shape of the adidas Trefoil logo. So, everywhere it leaves a pattern, it also leaves advertising!

AVIA "Cantilever" design:

AVIA Cantilever outsoleThis is the AVIA "Cantilever" design, patented (US Patent 4372058) in the 1980s.

Converse Dr. J:

Sole of Converse "Dr. J" sneakerThe Converse "Dr. J" has its own outsole pattern, breaking away from the "Chuck Taylor" All Star outsole pattern.

Reebok BB4600:

Reebok BB4600 Classic sole patternReebok BB4600 Ultra sole patternThe Reebok BB4600 series uses its own distinctive outsole patterns.

Reebok Classic:

Sole of Reebok Classic running shoeThis is the sole of the Reebok Classic running shoe.

Reebok Ex-O-Fit:

Reebok Ex-O-Fit sole (high/white/reinforced side version)The Reebok Ex-O-Fit has had a number of versions and a number of sole designs over the years since its initial introduction. This example is the white high-top with reinforced sides. The Ex-O-Fit Absolute SE version, however, has a sole similar to the Reebok Workout.

Reebok Freestyle:

Reebok Freestyle soleThe Reebok Freestyle has remained more consistent than the Ex-O-Fit over the years. This example is from the white high-top pictured in the corresponding section of this Web site.

Reebok Phase I:

Sole of Reebok Phase 1 tennis sneakerThis is the sole of the Reebok Phase I tennis shoe.

Reebok Workout:

Sole view of the Reebok Workout shoeThis sole pattern is usually associated with the Reebok Workout fitness shoe, but it is also used on the Ex-O-Fit Absolute SE model.

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