adidas Cities Series - Europe

adidas also created a North America series (which were distributed in both the US and Europe). However, most of the European cities are nearly unavailable in the United States!

Somebody in Europe sent me the names but no other details... and people later sent me details... and this is what I have heard about so far:

adidas Barcelona

A cream-white leather shoe with contrasting stripes.

adidas Berlin

A medium blue shoe with white stripes.

adidas Cambridge

A white leather shoe with blue-red-blue stripes.

adidas Corfu

A blue shoe with bright green stripes.

adidas Dublin

A blue shoe with fluorescent red stripes.

adidas Frankfurt

A dark blue shoe with hook and loop fasteners and silver stripes.

adidas London

A red suede shoe with black stripes; gum rubber sole.

adidas Kopenhagen [Copenhagen]

Looks like a classic adidas track training shoe. BRIGHT yellow suede with black stripes. Rubber sole with "pivot point."

adidas Köln [Cologne]

A medium blue shoe with white stripes.

adidas Madrid

Brown with brown stripes... "not very exciting" from those who have seen it.

adidas Malmo

Light mustard yellow with blue stripes.

adidas Manchester

Blue with fluorescent red-orange stripes and a prominent black sidewall.

adidas Milano

Dark blue suede, yellow stripes.

adidas München [Munich]

A 1980's tennis-style shoe, in leather and mesh. Made in blue with white stripes. Also in red with white stripes.

adidas Napoli [Naples]

adidas Oslo

adidas Oslo shoe: black leather, yellow trim and stripesThe adidas Oslo has been distributed in the USA. It's black leather with yellow stripes.

adidas Paris

Seen in two colorways:

adidas Rom [Rome]

adidas ROM leather track training shoe: white leather, satellite blue trim and stripesThe adidas Rom, in its classic form, was a white leather shoe with blue stripes. adidas has reissued this shoe in multiple trim colors.

adidas Stockholm

Two colorways have been seen:

adidas Ulm

A dark blue suede shoe with a polyethylene sole and white stripes.

adidas Valencia

A blue shoe with Argentina (light) blue stripes.

adidas Vienna

A white leather shoe with red stripes. This shoe was once available in the USA. I remember this was popular with jocks in red-and-white high schools in the early 1970s.

adidas Wien

A blue suede shoe with orange stripes and a gum rubber sole.

adidas Zurich

A blue suede with Argentina (light blue) stripes.

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