adidas Cities Series - North America

adidas has created a series of shoes named after great cities: One set for North America, another for Europe. Interestingly enough:

adidas Bahamas:

A brown suede shoe with darker suede stripes.

adidas Dallas:

adidas Dallas retro running shoe in blue with white stripesThe Dallas is a retro-style running shoe with Velcro instead of laces. Dallas? It's the big city that embodies Texas in popular culture. Personally, I think the shoe should have been a slip-on... look at cowboy boots some time!

adidas LA Trainer:

An early training shoe that has been periodically reissued in various colorways. Some include:

adidas Miami:

Royal blue suede with white stripes and details.

adidas Montreal:

An early 1970's training shoe with an outsole similar to the adidas Gazelle. Gray with orange stripes and an extensive black sidewall. It was notable for having a fold-down heel.

adidas New York:

adidas New York retro running shoe in blue and gray with white and blue stripesThe New York sneaker from adidas is a retro-styled running shoe. Ironically, the New York is widely available in Europe but the European-city shoes are for all intents and purposes unavailable in the United States. On the other hand, one might be able to find them in New York City... some of them are also available in San Francisco.

adidas New York retro running shoe in white and black with red stripesCharlie's opinion: These are great kick-around shoes, period.

adidas New York Leather retro running shoe in black with gray and white stripes and trimAs to "New York" for a name? Home of a famous marathon, the undisputed financial center of the world, one of the major cultural centers of the United States... why not?

adidas New York sneakers: upper in blue and aqua, white stripesThis particular version is different than the other versions shown here. Differences include: The style name is on the rearmost stripe (not the heel like the first three examples); Dellinger Web; Trefoil ("pot leaf" Originals) logo and not the Performance (triangle) logo.

adidas San Francisco:

A chocolate brown shoe with orange stripes.

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Last Updated: 25 February 2017

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