Air Jordan - the Era of the Returning JUMPMAN

The Air Jordan 10 was in production when Michael Jordan returned to playing basketball. Michael Jordan was back in full swing for the Air Jordan 11 model year.

Air Jordan 10:

Air Jordan 10 basketball shoe, white with black and gray trimThis shoe is best remembered as the one that listed various feats of Michael Jordan's basketball career in the light gray bars of the sole pattern; as the kid versions got smaller and smaller, fewer events got listed. This model came out in the fall of 1994 and originally sold for $125. There are some reports that Michael Jordan didn't find this shoe very comfortable.

Air Jordan 11:

Air Jordan Retro 11 basketball shoe: black, white trim, red trim and JUMPMANThe back of the Air Jordan 11 is notched, but the notch is covered with a stretchable fabric. The notch has a stylized "23" (like a light-emitting diode display, but very stretched) imprinted on it. This model originally came out in the fall of 1995 and sold for $125.

Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam" basketball shoe: Black, White, BlueThere were also some made with the number "45" (as Michael Jordan's "23" was not in retirement at that time) but these are very rare.

Air Jordan Retro 11 basketball shoe: white, with a Carolina blue JUMPMANOn the inside of the tongue, the label states "Quality basketball products inspired by the greatest player ever." At least according to the marketing department in Beaverton.

Air Jordan Retro 11 Low basketball shoe: White with Carolina blue trimThe low-top version of this shoe was also made with mesh sides.

Tongue view of Air Jordan 11 Space Jam ("Jumpman Jam") basketball shoeThe "Space Jam" versions were unique in that it had "Jumpman Jam" embroidered across the tongue; compare with the non-"Space Jam" version below.

Tongue view of Air Jordan 11 Retro ("Jumpman Jordan" basketball shoe

The sole collection shows the sole of the Air Jordan 11.

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