Air Jordan - the Era of "Air Jordan Wings"

"Air Jordan Wings" logo as on Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 2The first two Air Jordan basketball shoe models featured an "Air Jordan Wings" logo. The Air Jordan 1 featured the logo on the top outside, at approximately ankle level. The Air Jordan 2 featured the same logo, but moved it to the tongue of the shoe.

Michael Jordan broke a bone in his left foot wearing one of these two designs; somebody told me he was wearing the Air Jordan 1, but others have told me it was actually the Air Jordan 2. In either case, foot damage is NOT a good omen for a pair of basketball sneakers!

Air Jordan 1:

Air Jordan 1 basketball shoe in blue and blackThe first Air Jordan model featured the "Air Jordan Wings" logo on the outside at approximately ankle level. It's on the top blue portion of the pictured shoe. This picture shows the atypical (for an original) Air Jordan 1 colors of black and blue.

Air Jordan Retro 1 basketball shoe, white with Carolina blue trim and silver "Air Jordan Wings" logoOriginal versions were made in 1985-1986 and cost $65. Reissues were made in 1994, 2001–2004, and 2007–2016.

Air Jordan AJKO:

There was a distinct subset of the Air Jordan 1 named the "Air Jordan AJKO." The "AJKO" variant was made from canvas. Some people say that "AJKO" stood for "Air Jordan Knockoff" but they were indeed a Nike product.

Air Jordan 2:

Air Jordan 2 high-top basketball shoe, white with black and red trimWhen I saw these shoes in reissue in the fall of 1995, I was tempted to buy them. Their design simplicity reminded me a lot of the Air Jordan 9. The reissue had both low-top and high-top versions. The original shoes were made in Italy during 1986 and 1987. Reissues were made in 1994, 2004–2005, 2008, 2010, and 2014–2016. They originally sold for $100.

The "Air Jordan Wings" logo present in the Air Jordan 1 moved to the top of the tongue. The logo is partially visible through the laces in this picture.

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