Charlie's Commentary about Software Development

When I worked, for some reason, our NASA provided PCs came with a CD-ROM drive (but no CD-ROMs) and Windows NT. The CD-ROM drive, however, did just fine playing audio CD's.

One afternoon, I was checking with Jim about some of our data interfaces. Jim, up to now, has been a Mac expert, and he's getting the hang of Windows. I noted that he was playing an audio CD in the CD-ROM drive, and I asked him what he was listening to. He replied, "James Taylor." Listening to wimpy, insipid music results in wimpy, insipid software.

What Jim failed to recognize is that insanely great software must be coded to either Bach fugues or something like Boston.

Boston - closet software developers?

Tom Scholz, guitarist for Boston, has worked for Polaroid as an engineer. So, he should know about the development experience. The music of Boston has much to say about the software development experience. Consider:

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Last Updated: 14 July 2017

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