Dynamic Athletic Footwear TechnologyTM

(Microprocessor technology applied to athletic requirements)

NOTE: This example of Dynamic Athletic Footwear TechnologyTM was designed around a Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star. There is no technical reason while this cannot be done with other sneakers, such as Nike or Reebok. Contact the developers of Dynamic Athletic Footwear TechnologyTM for further information.

Dynamic Athletic Footwear Technology (DAFT) in action!The problem is as old as the game of basketball. Players have wanted the mobility of a low-top shoe, with the stability and security of a high-top shoe. Up to now, basketball players have had to go one way or another, or compromise with a mid-high shoe.

Well, the days of shoe compromise are over! Dynamic Athletic Footwear TechnologyTM (DAFT) automatically provides the best features of both! While our lawyers have advised that we not go into great detail about our design, we can say this: a microprocessor powered by the landing shocks of a vigorous basketball game drive light-weight solenoids. These solenoids automatically deploy and retract the sides of the shoe, providing low-top mobility for fast breaks and high-top stability for those landings after hard and high dunks!

The above picture shows an example of DAFT being driven in the lab by simulated basketball game inputs. With changes in the algorithm, we feel that DAFT can be extended to other sports where both mobility and stability are important.

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Last Updated: 1 April 2016

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