My female teammates and their sneakers

Melanie, one of my former Space Station teammates, looked at my World Wide Web site when I first started working on this Web site. She had a complaint. "Charlie, all your pictures are of GUY shoes!" I responded with, "But haven't you worn your black Chucks into work?" Melanie and others then gave me some bona fide "GAL shoes" to add to my picture collection.

Melanie insists: "But Chucks are GUY shoes!"

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star black high-topMelanie has her basic black guy shoes...

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star high-top in "Planet Hollywood®" patternMelanie also has a pair in the "Planet Hollywood®" pattern.

What about JACK?

White Jack Purcell canvas sneakerYes, another classic Converse selection.

This is a gal shoe (at least for most)...

White canvas Keds Champion sneakerKeds advertises with the slogan "Ladies First Since 1916." But they do have some in guy sizes that look like this!

Time to Glow doing Aerobics!

Nike Max Pulse, womens' aerobic shoes in white and purpleMelanie loaned me her new Nike Max Pulse aerobic shoes to scan. The first time I saw these, I looked at them and said "These look like Moon Boots." And the Moon Boots were $115 in 1995, and that was a lot back then for a pair of athletic shoes.

Nike Air Max aerobics shoe, 1998 version: white, purple, gray, greenMelanie wore out her earlier "Moon Boots." These were her 1998 Nike Air Max aerobics shoes. The AIR configuration ("Max Air" in the back, "Zoom Air" in the front) is the same as the Nike Air CB-34 basketball shoe.

Nike 2010 Plus womens' aerobic shoe: white, red, brown, black, grayIf your budget won't go for a pair of "Moon Boots", you used to be able to get a pair of Nike 2010 Plus aerobic shoes. These little gems were a bargain at under $100!

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Last Updated: 16 February 2017

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