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Reebok BB4600 classic basketball sneaker: white leather, natural trimReebok entered the US basketball shoe market around 1986. As I remember their original entries, they were three high-top models referred to by the codes "BB4600", "BB5600", and "BB6600".

Reebok BB4600 classic basketball sneaker: white leather, blue trimTo me, it seems that the BB6600 was promptly ignored by the sneaker buying public; the BB4600 was the most popular, followed by the BB5600.

Reebok BB4600 classic basketball sneaker: black leather, white trimThe BB4600 was (and is) extremely popular. I suspect the popularity is a combination of value pricing along with a style that fit many people (including country singer Billy Ray Cyrus) well.

There were some differences over the years in the BB4600, all of which are shown above:

Other colors that have been seen floating around the Internet but not shown above:

Other Reebok models similar to the BB4600 include:

Reebok BB4600 "Ultra" basketball sneaker: all whiteReebok has since created "enhanced", "Ultra", and "3-D" versions of the BB4600 but the fans of the BB4600 generally prefer the classic design.

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