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Nike Blazer in blue suede with white SWOOSHThe first two products Nike introduced to the basketball market were the low-top "Bruin", and the high-top "Blazer." I remember in late 1976 looking for a some new blue and white high-top sneakers... but I got the PRO-Keds suede high-tops instead... at least at that time, I thought the Blazer was "too soft." Such is the thinking when you're 21 instead of 63!

Nike Blazer Canvas high-top, white canvas, natural SWOOSHThis is the Blazer Canvas high-top. The canvas version of the Bruin, which followed later, was called the "All Court" (and it probably got used on most of them).

Nike Blazer high-top, white leather, red SWOOSHNike produced the Blazer in numerous colors of suede and smooth leather.

Nike Blazer Mid 73 (retro reissue), black canvas, gray SWOOSHAround 2005, Nike made a reissue as the "Blazer Mid." A ruler check found they were "mid" in name only. I'd like to know what it is with athletic shoe marketing departments reissuing high-tops and calling them mid-tops. People who have rulers aren't fooled!

Nike Skateboarding Blazer (retro reissue), black suede, gray SWOOSH In 2018, Nike Skateboarding released a version of the Blazer optimized for skateboarding. As far as I am concerned, they optimized it for anything else you want to do wearing a pair of Nike Blazer sneakers!

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Last Updated: 10 December 2018

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