Memories - PRO-Keds Two-Stripe Sneakers

PRO-Keds Royal Plus Hi-Cut in dark blue suede with white stripesI remember that before my last semester of college in 1977, I wanted some new sneakers. Well, I got some PRO-Keds "Royal Plus Hi-Cut" suede sneakers; dark blue with white stripes. I remember that the Nike Blazer was also available with the same color scheme, but I didn't get them. As I remember, they seemed too soft!

PRO-Keds two-stripe high-top in white mesh with blue stripesHere's a very similar model, but this is in white mesh with blue stripes.

PRO-Keds two-stripe high-top in white leather with green stripes and green outsoleHere's a slightly different model, still featuring two stripes: white leather with green stripes. This model also had a green outsole. Hopefully, it didn't leave green marks on Mom's kitchen, Coach's basketball court, etc., etc...

Advertisement for PRO-Keds "Royal Plus" in 1976 - "Put yourself in Nate Archibald's shoes."Finally, here's the advertising copy that Uniroyal used for a 1976 advertisement for the "Royal Plus" model. Not only did Nate Archibald endorse and wear this style, so did the late Pete Maravich.

2003 Reissues...

Finally, PRO-Keds reissued three high-top colors:

PRO-Keds Royal Plus Hi-Cut in red suede with white stripes

PRO-Keds Royal Plus Hi-Cut in green perforated suede with white stripes

PRO-Keds Royal Plus Hi-Cut in blue suede with red stripes

They also reissued several low-top colors, including:

PRO-Keds "Royal Master Suede" brown suede retro basketball shoe

PRO-Keds "Royal Master Suede" off-white suede retro basketball shoe

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