Memories - adidas SL72

The adidas SL72 shoe in Argentinian Blue with white wtripes and trimI had one reader who wrote me about his brother's adidas SL72, which came was in their 1974 catalog; he thought that the SL72 came out for the 1972 Olympics. In earlier days, athletic shoe models typically remained in production for a number of years. The SL72 sole design had "nubs" in the centers of each of the circles, a feature shared by later issues of the Dragon. The SL76 is a similar design.

The adidas SL-72 in orange with white stripes and trimAdditional SL72 color combinations include a model in "all-American" red, white, and blue. The sides of the SL72 upper have the stripes going under the suede reinforcement, while the Dragon design (at least in the 2004 reissue) has the stripes wrapping over the suede reinforcement.

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Last Updated: 23 February 2017

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