Winning in the Sneaker Stock Market - 1994

CAUTION: Investments in the stock market can and do lose money; they can also provide significant dividend income and rewarding increases in share value. The companies I list here manufacture athletic shoes, a product whose sales are relatively unpredictable and subject to the whims of consumer demand. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. This data is historical... using historical information is akin to running backwards (it can be a good exercise but be very careful about running into the unexpected). Potential investors should examine all available data about a given stock, including but not limited to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, before investing.

For those who have asked, I Just Did It: bought about $1000 of adidas Group (made enough to buy almost any pair of sneakers they sell) and about $1000 of Nike (made enough to buy five pairs of Chucks).  On the other hand, but if you want to buy stock to make money: also consider Airbus Group or Boeing.

A look at calendar year 1994...

After scanning the EDGAR database of the Securities and Exchange Commission, I found ten athletic shoe companies (as indicated by their Standard Industrial Codes) represented in the stock market. In 1994, five companies made money and five companies lost money for their investors.

The returns for 1994 were:

Nike Air Sanjaya running shoe, gray, black trim, bright green SWOOSHNike was the 1994 winner, giving its stockholders a 60% price appreciation.

Vans Customs SK8-HI sneaker: Outer Space patternVANS (now part of clothing maker VF Corporation) came in a strong second, leaping up 50.1% during the year.

Reebok Satellite cross-trainerReebok (now part of adidas) was a distant third, with a 27.4% showing.

Fila FX-100 white high-top athletic shoeFILA (no longer traded) went up 27% during calendar year 1994.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star Bamboo Green low-topsConverse (now part of Nike) was new to the sneaker stock market this year. They eked out a small price gain during the few weeks they were on the market in 1994.

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