Old Sneakers - 1922 Keds "Comet" Basketball Shoe

1922 Keds "Comet" high-top basketball shoeAs advertised in the September 23, 1922 issue of Boot and Shoe Recorder Magazine:

Here are three tributes to the "Comet"–the famous Keds basketball shoe. These testimonials are only a few of the large number that have come from the leading university coaches in all parts of the country. In fact wherever this shoe has been worn it has won unprecedented praise.

The Comet is only one of many Keds which are popular for gymnasium wear. You are missing great profits if you fail to feature Keds for indoor sports.

Famous Western Coaches Praise Keds Basketball Shoes:

Ohio State University basketball coach in 1922

"We do not hesitate to recommend it highly for general basketball purposes." (G. M. Trautman, Ohio State University)


University of Kansas basketball coach in 1922

"It is well built–an ideal basketball shoe." (Forrest C. Allen, University of Kansas)


University of Missouri basketball coach in 1922

"This shoe will grip the floor better and give the player a more sure footing than any other we have ever tried." (J. Craig Ruby, University of Missouri)

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