Memories - Generic Running-Type Sneakers

(aka "adidas clones")

These shoes are analogous to the "Chuck Clones", but they are more oriented to running instead of basketball. Many, if not all, shared design features that resembled adidas sneakers.

As I, and other readers of this site, remember generic running-type sneakers:

Converse Track Star:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" Track Star shoe, black with white stripesConverse produced a flat canvas track training shoe in the late 1960's and early 1970's. These were quite popular, even among jocks, who wore them to train for race day. Unless, of course, they wore high-top Chucks... don't laugh, some did!

Sport Jets:

Sport Jets sneakers: tan with quadruple brown stripesWhen I first saw this picture, I immediately thought of the adidas Country sneaker. In fact, I told the person who asked me where to buy another pair that she should take a look at the adidas Country. I also remember a shoe that bore a distinct resemblance to the adidas SL-76.


An adidas knockoff complete with three stripes. Kyle, the individual who told me about Tiffs, remembered the following colorways:

Kyle said they were sold at Gemco (a now-defunct West Coast membership store) and even some grocery stores. He also said "they were very cheap and cheaply made."

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Last Updated: 25 February 2017

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