Chucks - The Box Tops

At least since I (Charlie) can remember the Chuck, Converse has been revising the box a lot more than the shoe. These are some of the boxes that Converse has used over the years:

Converse "All Star" box-top of the 1970's: ball and hoop

On this 1970's box, Converse reminded the buyer:
"Specified by more coaches, worn by more players,
than any other shoes specifically made for basketball."

[Given the historical perspective, it may still be the case...]

Side of Converse "All Star" box of the 1970's: view of Chuck-shod feet

Here's the side of this box, showing both low-tops and high-tops.

Converse All-Star boxtop when Eltra owned them

Converse used this box when they were a division of Eltra (1972-1979).

Side of 1972-era Chuck box, showing &quotstripe-star-stripe" suede low-top style

Here's the side of this box, which displays the closely related "stripe-star-stripe" suede model.

Converse boxtop when Allied Corporation owned them

Converse used this box when they were a division of Allied Corporation (1980-1981).
Converse later on used a silver-colored box with a red square-outlined star (not pictured).

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star black high-top shoe boxtop

In their last years of US production, Converse changed box designs to better show the Chuck Taylor heritage.

A Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star box top from the past

Later on, Chucks came in boxes like these.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star box from 2005

This is the 2005 iteration of the Chuck box.

Converse has recently (2018) been using a box in Nike orange with white printing.

However, the product inside remains relatively unchanged from what the Baby Boomers wore to play basketball.

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