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The "Stripe-Star-Stripe" Pattern in Suede...

Converse 'stripe-star-stripe' suede sneaker in gold with black stripes and starIn the 1970's, Converse marketed at least four suede sneaker models based on the classic "Chuck Taylor" All Star canvas basketball shoe. They were very similar. The major difference between the shoes were patterns on the side. These models included:

  1. The above example, which used the standard All Star sole.
  2. The "One Star", which also used the standard All Star sole.
  3. A "star and chevron" model, which used a slightly modified All Star sole.
  4. A three-striped model in the COACH line, which used the same sole as the canvas COACH shoe.

Converse All-Star box showing the Converse suede 'stripe-star-stripe' shoeIn the early 1970's, Converse apparently considered the suede "Stripe-Star-Stripe" design a member of the "All Star" family in good standing.

My freshman year in college, I wore (and wore out) a pair of red suede with white stripes and star Converse All Star sneakers. I bought them with some of my high school graduation gift money, on the day I graduated from high school. They only cost $15 back in 1973, while a canvas pair was around $10.

I remember that one of my college floor-mates, Fred, always commented that my fantastic red suede sneakers didn't match much of anything. In retrospect, Fred was probably right. As I remember Fred's sneaker collection at that time, he had a pair of black low-top canvas Chucks and a pair of black adidas soccer boots; boring, but at least they would match most anything. (Fred's now the news director at Cleveland 19.)

Some of the colors I have either seen or heard of for the suede model:

The "Stripe-Star-Stripe" Pattern in Leather...

Converse Academy (leather All-Star reissue), all-whiteConverse also produced this particular design in smooth leather.

Converse Academy (leather All-Star reissue), white leather with blue star and red stripesOne version that I particularly remember was a patriotic "red, white, and blue." I didn't have any, but I remember that one of my high school friends, Russell, had a pair.

Converse Academy (2002 reissue):

Converse Academy (leather All-Star reissue), black with white star and stripesWant another pair of a classic? Converse has reissued the "stripe-star-stripe" design under the name "Academy." Note that the black heel patch is apparently back!

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