Memories - Puma "Clyde"

Clyde... the glide... gliding and sliding in colorful suede!

Puma "CLYDE" black suede sneakers with natural formstripI was in college when Puma began getting my attention in the sneaker market. Walt Frazier of the New York Knicks (his nickname: "Clyde") grinned at prospective customers from the end of the box.

Puma "CLYDE" red suede sneakers with natural formstripHowever, I would have preferred to call these sneakers "Slide." As I have pointed out in my section on sneaker outsoles, the Puma "Clyde" suede, "Basket" leather, (and a number of other models) used a square grid pattern. These are just not as slip-resistant as some of the other sneaker designs.

Puma "CLYDE" blue suede sneakers with natural formstripIn one case, this was definitely a "felony shoe." In Houston (Harris County, Texas, USA), in 1994, a store security guard was fatally shot while apprehending a customer caught in the act of shoplifting a new pair of Puma suede sneakers. As I remember the news reports, the culprit got a lifetime trip to Huntsville, but escaped the executioner.

Colors that were produced at one time or another include the following (sorted by body color/formstrip color):

In Australia, this design is sometimes called the "Puma States."

Later on... a high-top version:

Puma Suede Mid sneaker, coffee suede with sesame formstripThis is what Puma calls the "Suede Mid" but it is definitely a high-top (they're just as high as a pair of Chucks) measured on the inside.

Puma "Clyde" in 2005:

Puma Clyde: the first three 2005 colorways (blue suede with natural formstrip, orange suede with blue formstrip, light tan suede with orange formstrip)Puma announced that they will reissue the Clyde (complete with the "Clyde" name foil-stamped on the side like they were way back when) in limited-edition versions in July 2005. These will have extremely limited distribution: 1000 total pairs, 40 retailers worldwide. Puma was expected to issue additional colorways in wider distribution during October 2005 and December 2005.

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