Sneaker Outsoles - the 1970's

Multiple Brands - Classic Herringbone Outsole:

adidas (Campus, Promodel, and Superstar) and Nike (Blazer and Bruin) classic herringbone sole patternAll of these models shared a basically identical herringbone outsole: adidas Campus, Promodel, and Superstar; Nike Blazer and Bruin.

adidas Country:

Sole of adidas Country sneakerThe outsole of the adidas Country is yet another modification of the traditional herringbone pattern sole. Note the "Trefoil" logo on the bottom of the shoe.

adidas Track Training Shoes:

Sole of adidas SL72 sneakeradidas Track Training Shoes sole patternVarious adidas designs have used these outsole designs for many years, from the 1970's  Dragon and SL72 to the Samba Super-Suede of the late 1990's.

Converse Lou Brock:

Converse Lou Brock outsole - US Patent 3629962This design (covered by US Patent 3629962) was not only endorsed by baseball player Lou Brock but apparently designed and patented by Lou Brock.

Nike Cortez:

Nike Cortez sole patternThe Nike Cortez used a herringbone outsole pattern with space for a tiny "SWOOSH" in the middle.

Nike "waffle" sole:

Nike "waffle" sole patternThe Nike "waffle" sole design looks like this.

Puma Basket and Clyde:

Puma "Basket" and "Clyde" sole patternPuma "Super Basket" sole patternPuma used an outsole with a grid of squares on their "Basket" and "Clyde" models. As I remember, the simple herringbone outsole worked much better! I'm not the only one that I remember slipping and sliding around in Puma sneakers! The later "Super Basket" substituted a more skid-resistant herringbone outsole (the example on the right).

Tretorn Nylite:

Sole of the Tretorn Nylite tennis shoe We can't have preppy feet touching the cold, hard ground unprotected. So, many of them choose the classic Tretorn Nylite to do the dirty work.

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