Memories - Nike Marathon

My very first pair of Nike sneakers were a pair of "Marathon" in 1975. They were blue nylon with a white SWOOSH. I got them before I went to summer school that year. Summer school was a blast! There wasn't much to do on The Farm during the time I was home from college, I graduated with twelve more hours than I had to have. I did do a lot of mowing before and after summer school in both 1975 and 1976. I could pretty much get The Farm mowed during the breaks before and after summer school.

Nike had a very interesting feature inside the lid of their box: they listed their entire product line and what they were designed for. They had a high-top basketball model ("Blazer"), a low-top basketball model ("Bruin"), and a tennis model ("Wimbledon"). As I remember, the rest of them were intended for running!

Nike also warned their purchasers that they concentrated on making the shoes light instead of durable. That was definitely the case! Those early Nike sneakers barely survived eight weeks of summer school! The major problem was that the soles were intolerant of being worn on concrete.

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Last Updated: 20 February 2017

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