Polly's Soda Pop - another American Classic

Vintage Polly's Soda Pop bottle (back)Vintage Polly's Soda Pop bottle (front)Back when the Baby Boom Boys were growing up with their Chucks, Midwestern America had an alternative to the usual Coke and Pepsi. After a hot, vigorous day of fun and games, nothing tasted better than a cold bottle of pop. For some, that meant Polly's Soda Pop. As one can tell from the bottle, even Polly had a sip.

The Independence Bottling Company of Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, USA bottled and marketed Polly's Soda Pop from 1923 until 1967. I have had those who ask, "Did it taste like birds?" Well, it came in a variety of soda pop flavors (the term "flavor" in the soft drink business indicates "other than cola"). The bottle cap indicated the flavor.

One of the downfalls of the company was that empty bottles cost ten cents each, yet the bottle deposit was two cents. A lot of people didn't return the bottles. Mom ended out stuck with a bushel basket of them. Empty vintage Polly's Soda Pop bottles are reportedly worth $15.00 each... much more now than when they were in production!

Polly's Soda Pop returned to production in August 2016. The revival has the following flavors: Black Cherry, Grape, Strawberry, Root Beer, Orange, Pineapple, and Cream Soda. In the revival version, they have a different color-coded label that indicates the flavor, instead of putting it on the bottle cap. They are developing a Diet Root Beer, and they expect that it will be on sale by October 2017. I (Charlie) want to give it a try when I go visit family! A number of businesses in the Metro Kansas City area sell bottles and cases of Polly's Soda Pop.

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