Reebok Classic Series

Starting in the mid 1990's, Reebok created what they called the "CL1000." Then, they made a number of similar shoes. Some of them are:

Classic Nylon:

Reebok Classic Nylon shoe in blackThis is the Classic Nylon. It is probably the closest to the original "CL1000." The Classic Ballistic model is quite similar.

Classic 2000:

Reebok Classic 2000 in black patent leatherThis is the Classic 2000. The guy who sent me the picture commented that most pairs don't look this good because Reebok's patent leather tends to wear out quickly.

Classic Cielo:

Reebok Classic Cielo in black leatherThis is the Classic Cielo. In this model, Reebok removed the toe reinforcement, creating a plain-toe version.

Reebok Classic Cielo in white leather

Classic Conquest Clip:

Reebok Classic Conquest Clip in white with blue trimThis is the Classic Conquest Clip. The plastic insert at the heel is similar to that of Reebok's Phase I tennis sneaker.

Classic Leather:

Reebok Classic Leather in white patent leatherThis is the Classic Leather.

Classic Leather Streak III Chrome:

Reebok Classic Leather Streak III Chrome in black and goldThis is the Classic Leather Streak III Chrome. Despite the appearance, it is not a platform sneaker. Other chromed colors not shown include red and blue.

Reebok Classic Leather Streak III Chrome in white with silver and blue trim

Classic Rebel:

Reebok Classic Rebel in white leatherThis is the Classic Rebel. This sneaker verges upon being a platform sneaker; reportedly, it's not that good for athletic use.

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Last Updated: 20 February 2017

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