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About the Web Logs...

About this Web Site...

  1. This Web site is not sponsored or funded by any manufacturer of athletic shoes.
  2. To the best of my knowledge, no manufacturer officially endorses this Web site.
  3. This Web site is the "labor of love" of a sneaker freak.

About the Pictures...

  1. The pictures on Charlie's Sneaker Pages generally were taken by Charlie (and other sneaker enthusiasts on the Internet) directly from sneakers they own or borrowed from their friends.
  2. Particular thanks are due Jorge Califrer, Patrick Jones, Eric Kinast, and Bertram Moshier for providing a number of pictures.
  3. Classic Sports Shoes, which helped to support this Web site in the past, also provided pictures of some of the shoes they had available.
  4. This Web site features various companies' marketing and advertising material from the past. These show the aspirations and past background of the athletic shoe industry.
  5. This Web site also features humorous advertising bloopers... probably much to the embarrassment of those involved!

About Errors in Fact...

Please E-mail Charlie with any errors of fact. Corrections will be appreciated.

About Errors of Opinion...

There are no errors of opinion in Charlie's Sneaker Pages. :-)

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