What side of the sneaker gets the logo?

Many athletic shoes look the same on both sides. However, some shoes have the manufacturer's logo on one side or the other. And they can't agree on what side gets the logo! I have found several examples...

adidas - Logo on the OUTSIDE:

The adidas Samba Super Suede sneaker in green with white trim and stripesThe adidas designers not only placed their brand name on the outside, but also the model name. This practice has been followed reasonably consistently from the late 1960's adidas track training shoes to the middle 1990's Samba Super-Suede shoe.

Converse - Can't decide:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star "Stars and Bars" high-top Converse, on their famous "Chuck Taylor" All Star (but not the All Star 2000) put the logo on the inside.

Jewel Leather Converse All Star high-top in blackThe Jewel All Star, however, broke with Converse tradition and placed the logo on the outside.

Converse All Star 2000 mid-high basketball shoeTo make certain the logo gets seen, the Converse All Star 2000 shows up with the All Star logo on both sides.

Fila - Logo on the OUTSIDE:

Outside view of the Fila Grant Hill 2 basketball shoeFila, on their Grant Hill line of basketball shoes, put a multi-colored logo on the outside.

Inside view of the Fila Grant Hill 2 basketball shoeThe inside of the same shoe also has a Fila logo, but it is monochromatic white (and, therefore, not as visible as the outside).

Puma - Logo on the OUTSIDE:

Puma "Easy Rider" sneaker in green with white trimPuma styles generally put their logo, model name, and symbol on the outside.

Reebok - Logo on the OUTSIDE:

Reebok Ex-O-Fit, white high-top fitness shoe for guys Reebok, on their popular Freestyle and Ex-O-Fit shoes, puts the logo on the outside.

Nike - Logo on BOTH SIDES:

Nike Air Super CB outside (prominent SWOOSH)Nike in the Air Super CB "Charles Barkley" series, placed the most prominent SWOOSH on the outside. When the SWOOSH layout is asymmetrical from side to side, the outside gets the most prominent treatment.

Nike Air Super CB inside (muted SWOOSH)The inside of the same shoe also has two SWOOSH logo designs, but they are less bold than the one on the outside. However, in a majority of Nike shoes, the SWOOSH is symmetrical on both sides.

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Last Updated: 21 February 2017

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