Memories - Nike Air Huarache series

The Nike Air Huarache series...

The shoes in the Nike Air Huarache series of 1992-1994 were very interesting. They had skeletal outriggers like sport sandals combined with a stretch inner lining. Another variant on the same basic concept is the inner bootie and external shell of the Converse Helium:01 basketball shoe.

I found the Nike Air Huarache series interesting enough that I bought two of the three designs.

Air Huarache (running):

Nike Air Huarache running shoe, green and blue accentsThe Air Huarache running shoe had a conventional front half, but the back half consisted an outrigger structure. The version that I had came with laces, but I've seen a version that fastened with straps. Nike reissued this particular model in 2000, and they have reissued it periodically to 2017.

Air Huarache (cross-training):

This is the model that I didn't get. It had a translucent "spat strap" that fastened across the middle of the forefoot.

Air Huarache (basketball):

I had the Air Huarache basketball shoes. As I remember them, they were basically a pair of low-top shoes that had outriggers that took them up to high-top level. The good part was that they were really neat looking; they were white, black, blue, and purple. The bad part was that the outriggers wore out almost instantly!

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