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Nike Air Flight sneakers remembered...

Nike Air Flight - orange tag attached to shoesNike put this plastic tag on the 1990 series of Air Flight sneakers.

The Nike Air Flight, specifically the particular version that came out in the fall of 1990, was one of my favorite sneakers for several years. I wore mine until they came apart; that took a lot of use! I think I got my money's worth out of these sneakers. I got them in Huntsville, Alabama. Then, I wore them when I headed to Abilene, Texas in 1992. Then, I wore them when I moved to the Houston area in 1994. They were shot by then.

These shoes had an interesting feature: a plastic "grille" on the sides. The Nike Air Flight for 1989 also featured the "grille." The "SWOOSH" was embossed into the plastic grille.

The 1990 Nike "Air Solo Flight" looked exactly the same on first glance. It didn't have the plastic grille and the visible Air bags. Also, the "Air Solo Flight" was $30 cheaper.

"Beverly Hills, 90210" fans: These were Brandon's sneakers...

Nike Air Flight 1990 high-tops on 'Beverly Hills, 90210'I also noted one of my favorite sneakers turning up in a very popular TV show. Which one? The TV show "Beverly Hills, 90210" had them frequently gracing the feet of Jason Priestly ("Brandon Walsh"). If you want to see a pair of Nike Air Flight sneakers running around, riding a bike, playing tennis, playing basketball, harassing his sister Brenda, rapping with his girlfriend of the week, having quality time with his mother, and generally having lots of high school athletic and fun activities, watch the reruns of the first two seasons. These sneakers turned up on and off until about the time the gang started at "California University." Then, Brandon started running around the campus in a pair of completely black sneakers. They were probably Nike sneakers. If you hadn't noticed, the 90210 gang were mostly Nike Boys and Nike Girls. Maybe the show should have been renamed "Beaverton, 97005"...

The Nike Air Flight in action on Charlie!

Charlie in his all-white Nike Air Flight high-top basketball sneakersCharlie in a 1991 planning meeting for a Huntsville, Alabama area charity. Dress shirt, tie, and Nike sneakers required.

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