About my 25th Anniversary High School Reunion

The last weekend in July 1998, I went back to Missouri for my 25th high school reunion. I had a great time. However, after I got back, I got very busy diagnosing medical problems, largely resolved when I got on a CPAP machine for obstructive sleep apnea the Sunday morning before Labor Day weekend. Sleep labs frequently run seven days a week to keep the expensive equipment and facilities occupied.

I remember a number of my classmates, many for their sneakers:

adidas ROM training shoe: white with red trim and stripesBrad could sure make a pair of adidas track training shoes move very quickly.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star red low-topOur basketball players in their junior and senior years all wore red Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star low-tops. I also had a pair and that got some attention from the jocks that thought that red Chucks were their exclusive privilege in life.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star unbleached white high-topStephen thought that white Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star high-tops were good for track practice. (Stephen's middle name is "Garth", and he would scowl when you used it–as in Jennie, that blonde heartthrob in Nikes!)

The classic white canvas Keds Champion sneakerRose was there from Tennessee, one of our former cheerleaders, who cheered them all on in their Keds. We all missed Rhenda, who stayed in South Dakota with her "talented husband" and "great kids." She was on the drill team... they also wore Keds.

The old school, built in 1923, where Charlie went to schoolPaul had the chutzpah to re-introduce himself by asking "Have you broken your glasses lately?" After thinking for a moment as to who it was, I came back with a comment, "Well, have the seat of your pants cooled down yet?" That's because Paul got five extraordinarily loud paddle licks–heard from the basement to the top floor of our smallish three-story school building–for fooling around and managing to break my glasses in the sixth grade!

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