Charlie's Brown Sneakers

Some REAL brown sneakers (not from dirt!)


adidas Stan Smith sneaker in brown suede (no stripes or perforations)This adidas shoe is a version of the Stan Smith tennis sneaker in brown suede. Note the absence of side stripes or perforations on this version; only a Trefoil logo.

adidas SL 76 in brown: 'coffee' and 'saraha'The adidas SL 76 ("76" for the 1976 Olympics) has been made in a number of colorways, including "coffee" with "saraha." (A fancy name for "brown" in anyone's palette.)

The adidas Tobacco (brown) sneakerThis adidas shoe is the Tobacco. It was originally marketed in the late 1970s. Now, adidas has reissued them on and off in limited editions available from various sources at various times.


ASICS Top Seven sneaker - tan, brown, and blackThis ASICS shoe is the Top Seven. It was made in the 2003-2004 time frame in various colorways.


Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star high-top sneaker in Brown ChinoThe Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star has some brown models. The Brown Chino colorway is so light, that it is nearly impossible to tell them from unbleached white–either on a scan or in person.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star high-top in Hot ChocolateTo me, the Hot Chocolate colorway looks good enough to eat (or is that drink?).

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star Hemp High sneaker in KhakiConverse has made a khaki-colored hemp cloth sneaker with the interesting name "All Star Hemp High."

Converse EZ Chuck Suede low-top in ChocolateThe "EZ Chuck" is yet another brown Converse model. This one is in suede.

New Balance:

New Balance 606 cross-training shoe in brownThe New Balance "606" cross-training shoe was available in several colorways, including white, black, and (the subject of this page) brown. For those who missed the brown "606," the "608" was also available in brown.


Nike Vandal High basketball shoe: clay brown with gray and black SWOOSHNike has issued a brown ("clay") version of their classic and beloved (by some) Vandal sneaker.


PRO-Keds "Court King" brown leather tennis shoeThis is a PRO-Keds 2002 reissue: a brown leather version of their 1960's "Court King" tennis shoe.

PRO-Keds "Royal Master" brown suede low-top basketball shoeAnother 2002 PRO-Keds reissue: a brown suede version of their 1970's "Royal Master" low-top basketball shoe.


Puma Easy Rider sneaker in brown with light brown formstripThe Puma "Easy Rider" comes in a number of colorways, including (as illustrated) brown.

Puma "Rookie Suede" shoe in Dark Earth Brown with Coriander formstripThe Puma "Rookie Suede" comes in a number of colorways, including "dark Earth brown" with "coriander" formstrip.

Puma "Suede Mid" in coffee brown with sesame formstripThe Puma "Suede Mid" also comes in a number of colorways, including "coffee" with "sesame" formstrip–in other words... brown!


Reebok Phase I SE tennis sneaker - browns and redsIn 2005, Reebok made a version of their Phase I tennis sneaker in a brown colorway with a bit of red trim.

Brown sneakers? They're sold as walking shoes and hiking boots, but...

New Balance 963 shoe, brownNew Balance 963... sneaker, hiking boot, walking shoe?

Nike Air Mada 2 hiking bootNike Air Mada 2... a sneaker or a hiking boot? It's hard to decide...

Nike Air Terra Form... hiking boot or sneaker?Nike Air Terra Form... hiking boot or sneaker? They have a silver and orange version that makes it even harder to decide...

Thanks to the marketers, it's getting harder and harder to tell where "hiking boot" ends and "sneaker" begins!

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