Chuck Takes It EZ least Converse didn't call these the "No Star!"

A Question of Nomenclature:

Converse has used two names for this shoe:

Also, some boxes call what I call the "high-top" a "mid-top." My comment about that is that the mid-top is every bit as high-topped as the classic Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star canvas sneaker.

The EZ Chuck Oxford:

Converse EZ Chuck Suede low-top sneaker in ChocolateConverse has had suede sneakers for years, most consistently under the name "One Star." In the 1970's, they had a "stripe-star-stripe" suede All Star, a "star and chevron" All Star, and a three stripe suede model in their COACH line.

Converse EZ Chuck Suede low-top sneaker in dark blueThe "EZ Chuck", from fall 1999, appears even closer in design to the traditional canvas "Chuck Taylor" All Star than it is the One Star. The major visible design difference is that both the front and the back have "rubber bumper" material. On the dark blue EZ Chuck, it should be noted that the outsole is also dark blue!

The EZ Chuck High-Top:

Converse "EZ Chuck" high-top sneaker in black (inside view)Unlike the One Star, Converse did not forget the high-top fan. The EZ Chuck also comes in a high-top version!

Converse "EZ Chuck" high-top sneaker in black (outside view)Note a difference from the canvas "Chuck Taylor" All Star? Yes, of course! The Buick Ventiports are on the inside and the Chuck patch is on the outside!

Converse "EZ Chuck" high-top suede sneaker in Mercury GreyThe EZ Chuck is also in a color that Converse calls "Mercury Grey."

Converse "EZ Chuck" suede high-top in NavyDark blue, or "Navy," completes the EZ Chuck color palette.

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Last Updated: 25 February 2017

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