Converse All Star - Materials other than Canvas

The Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star is generally considered a canvas sneaker. However, over the years, Converse has made non-canvas versions in limited quantities. The materials Converse used include brocade, corduroy, denim, flannel, fleece, hemp, lamé, leather, Mylar, metallized fabric, nubuck, pony hair, rubber, suede, terry, velour, velvet, vinyl, and wool.

Brocade All Star:

The following versions have been made in embroidered silk:

Corduroy All Star:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star dark green corduroy low-top sneakerThis is a dark green corduroy low-top.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star dark brown corduroy high-top sneakerThis is a dark brown corduroy high-top. Note that it has a monochromatic leather ankle patch.

One of my readers reported to me that he and his friends have the following colors, all in low-tops:

Another user wrote to mention high-tops in the following colors:

Converse has also released the following colors:

Denim All Star:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star NEEHI sneaker in DenimHere's an example of a blue denim All Star. This example had a red and black buffalo plaid wool lining and rawhide laces. To make things even more interesting, this particular model is one of the rare NEEHI versions!

Denim colors include:

Flannel All Star:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star high-tops in red flannel This is an example of a pair of flannel All Star high-tops.

Flannel color combinations include:

Fleece All Star:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star Fleece High sneaker in Winter BlueIn Fall 2005, Converse introduced a number of colorways in fleece. This shoe is in the "Winter Blue" colorway.

Other colorways include:

Hemp All Star:

Converse All Star Hemp Hi sneaker in Khaki, Chuck patch sideIn 2001, Converse made a number of hemp sneaker styles. The high-tops come in a box labeled "All Star Hemp Hi." (Really!) They made high-tops in khaki, black, and olive. They even made low-tops in black and olive, for those who don't want a "hemp high" from their sneakers.

Converse All Star Hemp High sneaker in Khaki, flip sideThe outside of the All Star Hemp High (the side without the Chuck patch) features a "hemp" tag located at the heel, slightly below the top of the shoe.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star Hemp high-top sneaker in blackConverse made a slightly different version in Fall 2005.

Lamé All Star:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star high-top in gold laméConverse made a gold lamé All Star (as pictured) around 1985.

I've had other readers mention other lamé colors:

Leather All Star:

Converse has made leather versions on and off. There have been at least three distinct versions of the "Chuck patch" that have been used on leather Chucks:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star black bomber leather high-top sneakerThis is the black "bomber leather" version of the Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star.

Leather Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star high-top sneaker, all-blackThis version of the leather Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star (not showing the Chuck patch, alas) is completely black.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star Jewel Leather black high-top sneakerThe "Jewel" in the "Jewel All Star" is a three-dimensional plastic version of the Converse star. The leather was cut out to insert the plastic "Jewel."

Leather Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star sneaker (black leather high-top)In this version, the ankle patch is printed on the outside (not a separate attached piece of material as in the canvas version). Secondly, the ankle patch is circular (missing the extra plastic flash at the top that US-made Chucks invariably had).

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star Jewel Leather white high-top sneakerNote anything unusual about the "Jewel" All Star? Unlike all the other All Star versions, the "Jewel" version moved the ankle patch to the outside! This was a deliberate design decision by Converse to make the "Jewel" more visible.

Leather Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star sneaker (white glove leather high-top)Here is a pair of white leather Chucks. Note that the stripes around the rubber sole are all black, not red and blue as in the canvas version.

Converse has made leather Chucks in low-top and high-top styles, in patent leather, and in multiple colors including:

Metallized fabric All Star:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star high-top sneaker in gold metallized fabricIn Fall 2005, Converse introduced a metallized fabric All Star in gold metallic and silver metallic colorways.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star high-top sneaker in silver metallized fabric

Mylar All Star:

Alas, no pictures.

One of my readers reports having a black Mylar version of the All Star, complete with red, blue, green, and silver "check marks."

Nubuck All Star:

No pictures here, either.

In Fall 2005, Converse shipped nubuck high-tops in wheat (light brown) and black.

Pony hair All Star:

In 2018, Converse shipped pony hair sneakers in black and black/white speckled.

Rubber All Star:

Converse has come out with a Chuck-based rubber rain boot. Converse omitted the Buick Ventiports from the Chuck patch side to help block the entry of water.

The following colorways are known to exist:

Suede All Star:

Converse makes the One Star suede low-top, and they made the All Star "stripe-star-stripe" low-top in the 1970's (later reissued as the "Converse Academy").

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star high-top sneaker in Navy Blue suedeThis is the 2002 version of the Navy Blue suede All Star.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star high-top sneaker in charcoal gray suedeThis is the 2002 version of the Charcoal Gray suede All Star.

Enlarged view of gray suede All Star ankle patchThis is an enlarged picture of the ankle patch on the above shoe: note that it is monochromatic embossed suede.

Suede All Star colors I know about:

NOTE: These do bleed color when they get sweaty or damp... so it's best to wear them with socks! My Mom thought my red suede Chucks were making my feet bleed, but I was able to tell her that it was just the shoe dye rubbing off. If they were making my feet bleed, it would have been a different color.

Terry All Star:

Converse has made the following colorways of terry All Star sneakers, both in low-tops and high-tops:

Velour All Star:

Converse has made the following colorways of velour All Star sneakers:

Velvet All Star:

Unfortunately, no pictures.

One of my readers sent me a report about finding Chucks in crushed red velvet. He tried to buy some for himself, but they were only in women's sizes (nothing above men's size 8). He also remembers that they were available in crushed black velvet and that they may have been at either Macy's or Neiman-Marcus.

Another reader mentioned the colors maroon, green, and teal. She had a friend who bought these at an Endicott Johnson shoe store in Columbia, South Carolina. (She didn't say when.)

Vinyl All Star:

Vinyl Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star, black high-top sneakerConverse has made at least nine colors of vinyl Chucks. My readers have told that they have seen the following colors, but more may exist:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star low-top sneaker in yellow vinylExample: Yellow low-top.

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star low-top in light blue vinylExample: Light blue low-top.

Converse "C-Star" high-top sneaker in metallic silver vinylThis is a Converse vinyl high-top with a "C-Star" design.

Wool All Star

One of my readers commented about having a pair of wool Chucks in blue and green. He said they were comfy enough but they would deteriorate quickly.

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