Converse Premium All Star

("Stripe-Star-Stripe" Revisited)

In the early 1970's, Converse marketed a suede sneaker model based on the classic "Chuck Taylor" All Star canvas basketball shoe. The shoe had a unique "stripe-star-stripe" side logo pattern. Later on, Converse started making the One Star model again, but left the "stripe-star-stripe" model to the memories of us sneaker enthusiasts.

In 1999, Converse finally brought back the beloved "stripe-star-stripe" design of my early college years with the Premium All Star.

Converse Premium Al Star in dark blueUnlike the radical departure of the All Star 2000, Converse has made a number of small but significant enhancements to the original:

  1. Metal reinforcements (as in the classic canvas Chuck) around the lacing eyelets
  2. Achilles tendon notch (the dip at the back of the heel) decreases the rubbing in that area
  3. Removable insole allows airing out the shoe more effectively (and replacing the insole with after-market insoles when the original insole gets worn out)
  4. Updated outsole reflects both the All Star heritage and contemporary outsole design

With these improvements, and many years of inflation, even the Premium All Star price (just under $50) keeps me happy!

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Last Updated: 18 February 2017

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