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Things sometimes go back more than we expect...

Marquis M. Converse started the "Converse Rubber Shoe Company" in 1908. Over a century later, the brand continues as a significant presence in the footwear business.

Converse Rubber Shoes factoryIn the early days, this was the one-time manufacturing plant for "Converse Rubber Shoes." Note the horse-drawn wagon and the antique automobiles.

Converse shoe ad from the 1950sIn the 1950's, Converse marketed their canvas sneakers with the slogan "It's Converse for Comfort."

Converse "Chuck Taylor" Leather Premium Vintage 1908 high-top sneakers in tan/chocolateThis 2003 Converse model features a replica of the original 1908 "Converse Rubber Shoe Company" logo.

Converse corporate parentage: from nuke to Nike...

Converse has been part of several different firms over the years. These include:

Some significant Converse events:

Best-selling sneaker of all time:

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star unbleached white high-top sneaker Over 1.1 billion shoe laces have been made, just to meet the manufacturing requirements for Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star sneakers.

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